Wireless Remote Control Bolt Door Lock DC 12V Security Door Access Control System


  • Working Voltage: 12VDC Red-Power supply (+) Black-Power ground (-)
  • Working Current: Start state 450mA Persistent state 450mA
  • Lock Type: NC model ( Fail safe model)
  • Coil type: Continuous working
  • Security Type: Electri power lock,unlock
  • Lock Core: The diameter og 15MM stainless core,extending the lengh of 15MM
  • Dimension: 200X33X45MM ( L / W / H )
  • Locking Mode: Magnetic induction
  • Unlock mode: Locked when power on, unlocked when power off
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Normal Temperature Mode


  1. Package included:
  2. 1 x Bolt Lock
  3. 1 x Controller
  4. 1 x Remote Control
  5. 1 x Power Supply
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Input voltage: 12V DC
Static current: ≤10MA
Output current: ≤7A
Receiving frequency: 315MHZ/433MHZ
Receiving sensitivity: -95db
Modulation: ASK (amplitude modulation)
Output: switch contact points output
Working mode: point action, self lock, interlock (control panel adjustable)
Circuit board size: 35x32x17MM
Shell size: 42x40x26MM

Matching steps of remote control:

  • Clear zero
  • Select the working method
  • Learn the remote control
  • Pair success


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