Commax Audio Door phones Intercom System DP-LA01 (2) (M)


  • Audio door phone and door unit kit
  • User friendly handset design with convenient hand grip.
  • Door phone with door lock release function (electric door strike not included)
  • Easy installation: 2-wires to the door station and 2-wire to electric door strike (optional)


it includes one door phone and one door unit (indoor use, not waterproof). DP-2S Specifications: Power source: AC 110V 50/60Hz; Mount type: Surface-mounted type; Wiring Call: 2 wires, Door Release: 2 wires (1.6Ø Copper wire); Distance 100m(0.65Ø) 50m(0.8Ø); Dimension (mm): 108(W) × 210(H) × 33(61)(D) DR-2L Specifications: Power source: 9V; Mount type: Surface-mounted type; Operation temp.: -10℃~+40℃; Wiring: 2 wires; Dimension(mm) 186(W)×126(H)×23(D)


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